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Fanfiction Masterlist (2/2)

This post is always updated. To lessen clutter, the masterlist is divided into 2 parts:

ON TRANSLATING FIC Hello! While I am extremely flattered that some of you think my fic merits translation, I would like to politely decline this request, especially translations in Chinese and Korean.

Most fics are now, and will remain, member-locked. Some are due to graphic content; but mostly it's because I'm uncomfortable with the idea of these fics being exposed to the universe more than they already are (especially if another eyk-type issue arises. I simply do not have the time to lock-and-reopen all entries for the public anymore). And yes, I know it's pretty easy to access them anyway, but there's a surprising amount of people who won't bother (not the least because Frank the Goat is enough of a boner-killer if they're just looking for smut), so. Fics that are recced a lot will be mostly public, marked with ✫. Note that R-NC-17 fics, even if highly recced, may still be member-locked.

ON TRIGGER WARNINGS There are some fics where I have chosen not to use warnings.
For fiction where I have not used warnings but have potentially triggering content, I will always put the blanket warning May contain triggering content. Read at your own risk. If you would still like to read it despite this but are worried, kindly message me on tumblr or twitter and I can probably give you a list of potential triggers in that fic. If no warnings are specified in the header, it's because there is nothing to warn for. :)

drabbles | one-shots & series

*this section is in reverse order posted (which means the ones at the top are the most recent posted)

(and it's) more than a feeling | 2
lay-centric (lay/ot11; sehun/lay; lay/luhan; xiumin/luhan)
13,009 | r
*written for justgetlayd; originally posted here.
(Soulmate!AU) Yixing is wide-eyed and excited to meet his soulmate, to finally have his scribble clear. But something strange happens: his tattoo shows up too early, changes, changes, and changes some more. On the search for his soulmate, Yixing learns the truth about love and happiness and maybe, just maybe, even finds himself along the way.

angels in the alleyway | 2@
kris/suho (sehun/yixing; minseok/luhan) | fantasy
15,669 w | nc-17
*written for suholiday; originally posted here.
Kris is an assassin who doesn't believe in God, much less angels. So why is one following and talking to him?

Unexplained Magical Birthday Thing 2 (or That Time Kris Insisted He Could Fly)
kris/lay | crack; fluff
2,108 words
again, what the title says.

Unexplained Magical Birthday Thing (or that time Yixing kept stripping whenever somebody said his name)
kris/lay | crack; fluff
1746 words
exactly what the title says.

bottle it up
kris/lay | fluff
761 words
'It’s just a kiss. It doesn’t mean anything.' is what Kris tells himself after That Pepero Game.

it will rain
kris/lay; implied suho/chen
3,559 words | slice of life
kris and yixing spend a quiet afternoon in a coffee shop. (Fine Arts Majors AU)

i'll be good for you@
1,102 words; pwp | nc-17
It is one in the morning and there are a few things that Kim Joonmyun is certain of.
The first is that he is on a well-earned vacation at a hotel in Macau. The second is that the bartender in this hotel had the deepest dimples this side of the river.

broken strings
1,233 words
based on prompts #2 and #6 of a sulay flash fic fest.

the next ten minutes
4,707 words; romance
suho/lay; various others implied
ten lifetimes. ten minutes.

and when the sun rises
requested by heartlessboys
1,465 words
chanyeol/baekhyun; implied suho/lay
and the trouble is, you think you have time

rueda dropped
r; action/adventure, fantasy, romance | hunter x hunter au
kris/lay, suho/chen (with a side of baekhyun/chanyeol, kyungsoo/kai and luhan/?)
Fearsome monsters, exotic creatures, vast riches, hidden treasures, evil enclaves and unexplored lands. The word "unknown" holds tempting magic--and special people are drawn to that magic. These people are Hunters. But even Hunters aren't invincible. All it takes is one person to set the wheels of fate in motion—and when he does, he causes two powerful groups to collide. In this world, it’s either hunt or be hunted. Who has what it takes to survive?
chapters 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

*this section is in reverse order posted (which means the ones at the top are the most recent posted)

truth or dare@
requested by baektaohun
suho/lay; pwp | nc-17

some mornings@
requested by: himchan
prompt: accidental baby acquisition
note: this is only locked because it's in the same post as truth or dare orz sorry ;A;

555 words; written for the sulay sunday flash fic fest
prompt: atermoiements (n.; distraction or hesitation leading to procrastination) + new york skyline

sm town

*this section is in reverse order posted (which means the ones at the top are the most recent posted)

the morning after
they are never talking about this, ever.

requested by jonghyun_hyung
heechul celebrates his 30th birthday

but sometimes, i still need you@
heechul writes letters.

black nail polish is emo


harry potter
18, 253 words
written for the hd_fan_fair career fest 2012
this is the one where draco works in a host club in japan. or, harry potter walks into a bar...

no peace
419 words
ron weasley
at the end, ron wonders why it was fred.

Write a character's reaction to someone's love confession in one sentence.
10 words

10 day writing meme
10 storeis: various pairings, various fandoms

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